Prospective students

I am often seeking undergraduate and graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) to join our team. I  like to work with students passionate about their work who are dedicated to producing high-quality research. Interested students should have a background and interest in economics.

When contacting me, please provide me with a short description of your research interests, a copy of your CV, academic transcripts, and funding source.

Thank you for your interest!

Current students

Charlotte Aubrac (M.Sc. candidate, Agricultural Economics) is doing research on cooperation between members of an irrigation scheme, using and testing games for economic research. She holds a B.A. in Environment and Economics from McGill University.

MingDa Li (M.Sc. candidate, Agricultural Economics) is currently examining the effect of cross-season farming on food security, nutrition and shock resilience in rural Malawi. His research interest lies in agriculture and rural development issues in developing countries. He holds a B.A. in Economics from McGill University.

Wendy Song (M.Sc. student, Agricultural Economics) is currently working on the adoption of soil organic matter-enhancing technologies in Québec. Her research interests include environmental economics, resource management and quantitative ecology. She holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics with a minor in Economics from McGill University. 

Baylee Sessler


I am so proud and honoured to work and have worked with amazing students who continue to do extraordinary things! The list below shows my former students’ first job after obtaining their graduate degree at McGill University.