Submitted papers

  • Chakrabati A and Harou A, Fanzo J, Palm C (2022). “Exploring agriculture-child nutrition pathways: evidence from Malawi’s Farm Input Subsidy Program”. Food Security, revised and resubmitted.
  • Tamim A*, Harou A, Burke M, Lobell D, Madajewicz M, Magomba C, Michelson H, Palm C, Xue J (2023). “Relaxing Information and Credit Constraints: 5-Year Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Tanzania”. Under review.
  • Lasdun V*, Harou A, Magomba C, Guereña D (2023). “Peer learning in a digital farmer-to-farmer network: Effects on technology adoption and self-efficacy beliefs”. Under review.
  • Harou A and Vasilaky K, Lee C and Osgood D (2023). “Spending when disaster strikes: The effect of typhoons and government spending on household labor outcomes in the Philippines”. Submitted.


  • Ghimire T*, Harou A, Balasubramanya S (2023). “Migration, gender labor division and food security in Tajikistan”. Food Policy, forthcoming.
  • Vasilaky K, Harou A, Alfredo K (2023). “What works for water conservation? Evidence from a field experiment in India”. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, forthcoming.
  • Lasdun V*, Harou A, Magomba C, Aku A (2023). “COVID-19, climate shocks, and food security linkages: Evidence and perceptions from smallholder farming communities in Tanzania”. Environment and Development Economics 28: 211-229.
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  • Harou A (2018). “Unraveling the effect of targeted input subsidies on dietary diversity in household consumption and child nutrition: the case of Malawi”. World Development 106: 124-135.
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  • Harou A, Kniveton D, Frogley M and Lajoie R (2006). “The Influence of the Indian Ocean dipole mode on precipitation over the Seychelles”, International Journal of Climatology, 26:1, 45-54.

Working Papers

  • Tamim A* and Harou A (2023). “The role of subjective expectation updating on information retention and adoption: evidence from Tanzania”.
  • Aubrac C*, Harou A, Balasubramanya S, Magomba C and Vasilaky K (2023). “Realized and elicited cooperation under water scarcity: Evidence from a field experiment in Tanzania”.
  • Li M*, Harou A, Chakrabati A (2023). “Examining the effects of agricultural intensification on resiliency, nutrition and food security”.
  • Harou A, Moyo M, Liu J* (2021). “Fuel and food prices: comparing qualitative and quantitative methods”.
  • Stratica C* and Harou A (2021). “The effect of prices and climate shocks on post-harvest storage behaviour”.
  • Harou A, Gomez M, Barrett C, Lentz E and Garg T (2013).“The Pros and Cons of Local Food Procurement in Emergency Relief Response in Guatemala”.

*Denotes students I supervise or have supervised.