Field Work – Work Experience

Manila, Philippines: September 2015 – Ongoing

We are studying the effect of timeliness of the reconstruction of public assets after natural disasters on poverty, education, nutrition and health outcomes. I spent the better half of September 2015 speaking with government officials in Manila, Philippines, to understand the disbursement of funds and relevant agencies’ activities after natural disasters. Funded by the World Bank. With Katya Vasilaky and Daniel Osgood.


Morogoro, Tanzania: August 2014 – Ongoing

We are conducting a randomized control trial study to determine the effect plot-specific fertilizer recommendations on farmers’ input decisions. I have lead our efforts designing the study and the household surveys collecting data on maize farmer’s agricultural practices and household socio-economic characteristics. In August 2014 I trained 25 enumerators who conducted our baseline surveys with 1,100 farmers in 50 villages. We are working alongside soil scientists who have collected soil samples on each of the 1,100 participating farmers’ main maize plots. We are conducting parallel studies in the same villages to better understand the additional impediments limiting fertilizer and seed adoption. The treatment intervention is scheduled for December 2015. Funded by USAID and the Earth Institute’s Earth Clinic Funds and Cross Cutting Initiative. With Cheryl Palm, Hope Michelson and Malgosa Madajewicz.


Haryana, India: March 2014 – Ongoing

Together with economists and water resource engineers from the Columbia Water Center and Columbia’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, we are studying the behavioral response of rice farmer’s groundwater water consumption for irrigation to weather forecasts, the introduction of a water saving technology (alternate wetting and drying) and group messaging incentives. We have been conducting surveys in 20 villages in Haryana with 300 farmers since July 2015. In addition to conducting surveys, we are collecting water samples, monitoring water pumping time and electricity consumption. Funded by the Earth Institute’s Cross Cutting Initiative. With Katya Vasilaky, Manu Lall, Katherine Alfredo.


Tanzania: July – August 2012

Economists from Cornell University and the International Growth Centre in Tanzania teamed up to study the impact of fuel and food prices on food security. We used a series of qualitative methods, focus group discussions and structured interviews, in several urban markets and rural areas throughout Tanzania to develop a series of hypotheses surrounding rural and urban household–level impacts and coping strategies in response to food and fuel price increases. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationWith Mujo Moyo.


Santa Rosa and Baja Verapaz, Guatemala: June – August 2011

Together with a team of economists from Cornell University and a private volunteer organization in Guatemala, we evaluated a local food aid procurement project conducted in Guatemala for food emergency relief after a drought. We monitored key commodity prices in the main markets of Santa Rosa and Baja Verapaz and surveyed 241 food aid recipients in 16 villages. With Chris Barrett and Miguel Gomez.


Accra, Ghana: July – August 2009

Following up with farmers having participated in panel surveys between 1998 and 2005, we conducted focus group discussions with former pineapple growers and current pineapple growers. Funded by the Cornell Graduate Student Research Travel Grant. With Thomas Walker.


Baraka, Democratic Republic of Congo: June 2007 – April 2008

I managed a 12-month project aimed at increasing food security in the Fizi Territory of Southern Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo. With a team of 20 national agronomists, we worked with individual households, local associations, and existing governmental bodies and research institutions in five different sectors: seeds multiplication, cassava multiplication, agro forestry fields, sustainable lake fishing, and income generating activities. With Action Against Hunger.


Other relevant work experiences:

  • Research Assistant for Dr. Chris B. Barrett (6/2012-9/2013, 9/2011-1/2012, 8/2008-8/2009)
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Miguel I. Gomez (1/2011-8/2011)
  • Senior Associate for Law and Economics Consulting Group, LLC (7/2005-6/2007)
  • Reader for Dr. Larry Teuber Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science (9/2004-4/2005)
  • Hazard Mapping Analyst for Dewberry and Davis, LLC (1/2004-9/2004)
  • GIS Analyst for Binnie, Black and Veatch, LLC (8/2002-9/2002)
  • Intern at the Climate Institute (7/2001-9/2001)
  • Field Assistant for the non-profit Educa in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (3/2001-4/2001)
  • Field Manager and Lobby Intern for U.S. Public Interest Research Group Data (6/2000-8/2000)
  • Analyst for STRATEC, a transportation analytics firm (1/2000-3/2000)
  • Field Worker for a local non-profit offering rice extension services in Nasik, India (7/1998-8/1998)